613 Holman
Brookland, AR 72417
(870) 935-0538 Phone
(870) 933-8814 Fax

Quick Facts

Population 2,914
First Class City
Craighead County
2nd largest city in county
Class 4-ISO Fire Classification
Representative District 53
Senate District 20

The City of Brookland will have its 17th annual Christmas parade on Sunday, December 3. The event will start at 2:00 p.m. There is no entry fee and no registration. Read more....
Haag Brown is extremely excited for the opportunity to develop 20 acres at the signalized intersection of Highway 49 North and Highway 760 (School Street) in Brookland, Arkansas....
Click here to view the progression photos....

On 7-24-17 our post office is celebrating a special day that only happens once in a century. It's the zip code meets the date for the Brookland AR zip code(72417).



The City of Brookland offers weekly curbside bluebag pickup for city residents. Bluebags are available at Brookland City Hall. Residents are encouraged to place blue bags on curb before 9:00am on the day their trash runs, beside their trash receptacle. As an incentative to recycle, the City of Brookland awards $25 weekly to one recycling participant. Place tag with name and address on bluebag to be entered in the drawing each week.

What materials do I need to recycle?
1) All Metal Cans (Steel & Aluminum)
2) All Colors Glass containers (such as pickle jars, mayo jars, jelly jars, cologne bottles, etc.)
3) #1 thru #7 Plastics (PETE or HDPE) - check bottom of container for recycling symbol

Do NOT include:
Plastic Toys
Plastic Bags and Wrappers
Other items not listed above

Recycling Guide for Paper Products:
Paper products should be placed on curb next to your bluebag.
** Place newspapers, magazines, junk mail, old phonebooks, old homework papers and paper boxes (such as cereal (remove the inner liner) or cracker boxes) in a separate bag. This is picked up by Marck Recycling.
**All corrugated cardboard boxes can be brought to City Hall and placed in the green recycling bin. This is picked up by Marck Recycling, located here in Brookland. Their company bales the cardboard to be recycled.

County Residents can bring recyclables to Brookland City Hall and place bluebags in the recycle trailer and newspapers and cardboard in the recycle bins at the back of the parking lot. County residents are also eligible for the weekly $25 bluebag drawing. Bring name tag into the office at City Hall, or leave in the water bill payment drop box if offices are closed.

Important Phone Numbers:
Recycling Education Center - (870) 802-3090
Legacy Landfill - (870) 972-6353
TRG/Hummelstein's Recycling Center - (870) 932-8361
Marck Recycling/Brookland Facility - (870) 275-4520